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graphic image of a clump of stem cells

Methodological Flaws in Meta-Analyses of Clinical Studies on the Management of Knee Osteoarthritis with Stem Cells: A Systematic Review

image of the regenerative cell extraction procedure

Why and How to Use the Body’s Own Stem Cells for Regeneration in Musculoskeletal Disorders: A Primer

microscopic image of vaPS cells

Perspective: Why and How Ubiquitously Distributed, Vascular-Associated, Pluripotent Stem Cells in the Adult Body (vaPS Cells) Are the Next Generation of Medicine

Human microscopic evidence of adult tendon regeneration following autologous stem cell treatment.

First immunohistochemical evidence of human tendon repair following stem cell injection: A case report and review of literature

X-Ray of human tendon repair

Human tendon repair following injection of autologous, unmodified stem cells: a comprehensive immunohistochemical evaluation

Inverted microscopic finding of osteogenic differentiation from adipose derived stem

Human adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction: characterization, safety and therapeutic potential in an experimental mouse model of articular injury

Graphic diagram of endothelial basal lamina

Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of UA-ADRCs (Uncultured, Autologous, Fresh, Unmodified, Adipose Derived Regenerative Cells, Isolated at Point of Care) in Regenerative Medicine

isolated shoulder pain indication graphic

Safety and efficacy of treating symptomatic, partial-thickness rotator cuff tears with fresh, uncultured, unmodified, autologous adipose-derived regenerative cells (UA-ADRCs) isolated at the point of care: a prospective, randomized, controlled first-in-human pilot study

Microstructure of cardiac tissue

Unmodified autologous stem cells at point of care for chronic myocardial infarction

extracted ADRC stem cells in a 12 mm syringe

Isolation of adipose tissue derived regenerative cells from human subcutaneous tissue with or without the use of an enzymatic reagent

microscopic image of adult stem cells

Fundamentals of Stem Cells: Why and How Patients’ Own Adult Stem Cells Are the Next Generation of Medicine

Journal of Orthopedic Research

Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction and Cultured Stromal Cells as Trophic Mediators for Tendon Healing