Technology Platform

In the US, InGeneron’s Transpose® RT platform is for investigational use only. We offer a portfolio of our technology for the preparation and administration of adipose-derived regenerative cells.

InGeneron's Processing Unit

Processing Unit

  • Point-of-care rapid isolation of regenerative cells
  • Automated and pre-programmed
  • Can process up to 100g of adipose tissue at one time
  • Optimized for high regenerative cell viability
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InGeneron's Matrase® Enzyme Reagent

Matrase™ Enzyme Reagent

  • High purity enzymatic agent
  • Manufactured under (cGMP)
  • High-performance liquid chromatography tested
  • Free of mammalian origin
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InGeneron's Transpose® RT Regenerative Cell Kit

Transpose® RT Regenerative Cell Kit

  • Closed system to avoid contamination
  • Efficient cell isolation for high living cell yield
  • Integrated with InGeneron Processing Unit
  • Manufactured under (cGMP)
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Image of the Lipoaspiration Collection

Lipoaspiration Collection Kit (LCK-15)

  • Contains all disposables necessary for one procedure
  • Sterile, and simple design for ease of use
  • Specifically designed for the Transpose  RT platform
  • Manufactured under(cGMP)
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