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InGeneron believes that evidence-based regenerative therapy
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Leading Regenerative Medicine for 16 years

Founded in 2006, we are a clinical-stage biotechnology company formed to innovate cell-based technologies for the next generation of regenerative medicine.

Headquartered near the world-renowned Houston medical center, our team benefits from a strong community of medical innovation and collaborations with leading medical pioneers.

The work of our scientists and doctors in the field of stem and regenerative cell research has yielded numerous peer-reviewed publications and studies on the use of autologous stem and regenerative cells to promote healing. This research has enabled us to develop a cell therapy platform with the potential to treat a broad range of health conditions.

Science First Promise

Too many companies today make claims without evidence.

InGeneron has always been a science-first company and we promise to always operate this way, even when it would be easier not to.

We work with experts in the field – orthopedic surgeons – to run clinical trials and continually improve our regenerative cell therapy.

We conduct rigorous clinical trials despite the expense because we understand that strong claims require stronger evidence.

The result is evidence-based regenerative cell therapy with the potential to truly heal.

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Eckhard Alt

Responsible Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Eckhard Alt & the InGeneron Team
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Dedicated to Evidence

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InGeneron is currently pursuing FDA approval to ensure its Transpose® RT cell therapy platform is safe and effective.

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Our products have been available in Europe since 2014. Our quality management system is EN ISO 13485:2016 certified.

CE marks

InGeneron products carry CE marks and complies with all applicable health, safety, and environmental protections that are required at the time of manufacturing and that conform to the standards of European Union regulations.

Therapeutic Approach

Adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRC) are regenerative cells isolated from adipose (fat) tissue. ADRC, which includes vascular-associated pluripotent stem cells (vaPS cells), mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), and progenitor cells, are known to work together to promote healing and tissue regeneration.

InGeneron’s cell therapy platform aims to provide novel, safe, evidence-based cell therapies using a patient’s own regenerative cells by rapidly and efficiently isolating a patient’s ADRC from their own adipose tissue for same day treatment.

Cell Therapy
InGeneron's team of scientist are dedicated to evidence based clinical research

Our Technology

InGeneron’s Transpose® RT cell therapy platform enables physicians to isolate stem and regenerative cells from a patient’s own adipose tissue at point-of-care for same-day treatment.

About Transpose® RT


InGeneron is dedicated to developing therapies supported by clinical evidence and approved by the FDA.

We are currently enrolling 3 clinical trials and are seeking FDA approval for our cell therapy platform for the treatment of partial-thickness rotator cuff tears, wrist osteoarthritis, and facet joint syndrome.

InGeneron's team is dedicated to evidence based clinical research while leading regenerative medicine

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InGeneron is led by an international team of bold innovators creating the next generation of therapeutics.