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InGeneron believes that evidence-based regenerative therapy will redefine the health care experience. Our system is designed to enable doctors to heal patients safely and quickly by unlocking and using the healing potential of their own regenerative cells.

Our History

Founded in 2006, we are a Houston-headquartered, privately held company that was formed to innovate cell-based technologies for health care and life science research. The work of our scientists and doctors in the field of stem and regenerative cell research has enabled us to develop a regenerative cell therapy products

 platform for multiple potential applications. This work has yielded numerous peer-reviewed publications and studies on the use of autologous adult stem cells – those that are extracted from and reintroduced into the same person – to promote healing.

Therapeutic Expertise

InGeneron is a cell therapy company that enables novel, evidence-based treatments designed to heal certain chronic conditions using a patient’s own regenerative cells processed at the bedside for same-day application. We produce a platform of medical devices that process adipose (body fat) tissue and rapidly and efficiently isolate adipose-derived regenerative cells (ADRCs) to be reintroduced into the patient.

The ADRCs, also known as Stromal Vascular Fraction, include mesenchymal stem cells, which are able to differentiate into

multiple cell types and therefore replace and heal damaged tissue. Multiple studies show that ADRCs can be effective in treating a variety of soft tissue and bone conditions and have a high safety profile [1-7].

Our advanced cell technologies have the potential to help physicians treat a wide range of diseases and injuries. Our initial focus is to help patients who suffer from chronic pain and a reduced quality of life as a result of musculoskeletal indications.

Regulatory Status

InGeneron has introduced its system into the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) regulatory process to ensure it is safe and effective. Successfully attaining FDA approval will allow us to market our regenerative cell therapy for specific indications in the United States.

Our products have been available for us in Europe since 2014. Our quality management system is EN ISO 13485:2016 certified, and the medical devices carry a CE Mark. This mark shows that our product meets all of the applicable health, safety, and environmental protections that were required at the time of manufacturing and that conform to the standards of European Union regulations.