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Veterinary Products

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InGeneron offers a portfolio of veterinary products for the preparation, characterization, and administration of adipose-derived regenerative cells including stem cells. Our product line focuses on point-of-care, providing for preparation and an autologous therapeutic administration of cells within a single procedure without the need for cell expansion.


ARC® Tissue Processing Unit

InGeneron’s Processing Unit enables point-of-care rapid isolation of regenerative cells for veterinary applications. It is an automated and preprogrammed processing device for the heating, agitation, and centrifugation of adipose-derived fat tissue. Up to four samples can be processed at the same time. Both, regenerative cells as well as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be prepared with the ARC® Tissue Processing Unit.

The ARC® Tissue Processing Unit is intended to be used in a clean environment by a veterinarian or similarly qualified technician. The collection of the sample and the ultimate use of the resulting cells should be performed by a veterinarian.

Besides the ARC® Tissue Processing Unit and the consumables that are listed in the following no further devices are required for cell isolation.


MatraseTM Reagent

InGeneron’s proprietary Matrase™ enzyme blend is a high purity enzymatic mixture for the release of stem cells and other regenerative cells from adipose tissue. The product is manufactured under contract by a major biopharmaceutical company under current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and tested by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The Matrase™ reagent is free of mammalian origin.



ARC® Tissue Processing System

The ARC® Tissue Processing Unit consists of sterile syringes, tubes and other disposables. It enables extracting regenerative cells from adipose tissue that is harvested not by liposuction and is used in conjunction with the ARC® Tissue Processing Unit. It is used where excised tissue is preferred. For example, with companion animals where liposuction is impractical, or for canine patients where excision of abdominal fat is less traumatic than liposuction. The ARC® Tissue Processing System is available as a quad-pack.



Lipoaspiration Collection Kit (LCK-15)

The Lipoaspiration Collection Kit (LCK) contains all of the sterile disposables needed for a single, minimally invasive lipoaspiration procedure, including tissue collection cannula and items for tumescent infusion.


ARC Platelet Rich Plasma_Packaging Assembly

ARC® PRP System

InGeneron’s ARC® PRP System allows veterinarians to harness the regenerative properties of platelet rich plasma (PRP) using the ARC® Tissue Processing Unit.




InGeneron’s portable Bioscope™ fluorescence illuminator allows point-of-use counting of biomarker-labeled cells and other analytes. Hemocytometer-type cassettes loaded with sample are illuminated for optical analysis, including fluorescent assays with a standard optical microscope.



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