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Company Profile

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We believe regenerative medicine is redefining modern healthcare. Progress in medicine will be driven by the self-healing power of regenerative cells, including stem cells. Our system enables physicians to unlock the regenerative, self-healing power within a patient’s body.

Our History

Founded in 2006, InGeneron is a privately held company, developing its own products for multiple markets and expanding its reach through licensing agreements.  The company was formed to innovate cell-based technologies for healthcare and life science research. Headquartered in Houston, Texas,

InGeneron operates in the US and Europe. InGeneron and its research partners have been operating in the field of stem cell research for over ten years. During this time InGeneron’s team of scientists and doctors have published more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and studies on the use of autologous adult stem cells.


Scientific Expertise

The scientific experience translated into the design and development of a point-of-care tissue processing system that rapidly and efficiently isolates regenerative cells from adipose tissue. InGeneron’s process yields a very high number of cells that meet the definition for mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) stipulated by the International Society for Cellular Therapy.16 Among these isolated cells, stem cells are of particular interest because they have a great potential for differentiation into

multiple cell types and, thus, the capacity to replace and heal damaged tissue. As has been shown in different studies these adipose-derived regenerative cells are highly effective in treating a variety of indications and have a high safety profile. InGeneron’s advanced cell separation technologies have the potential to aid physicians and veterinarians in the treatment of a number of diseases, orthopedic injuries and cosmetic procedures.